Hand Writing, an art form today?

Who still hand writes notes and letters?

Where has the personal touch gone? When was the last time that you hand wrote a note or letter personally? Maybe high school graduation thank you notes?

I will admit that I have been slacking these last few weeks. My usual is 20-25 hand written note and/or letters out monthly. Yes monthly! I still talk and text as well.

During this summer break we agreed to help out with the children. Time went fast and we were busy. As the grandchildren have started back to school this week I have a little more time to get back to letter writing.

Is hand writing an art form? A few schools across the country have chosen not to teach hand writing. This was explained to me that we as a country are moving to a more tech savvy educational system. Thankfully are schools are still teaching hand writing.

It is a joyful blessing when I go to the mailbox and find that someone took time to write me a note or letter asking me how my family is and how I am doing and then catching me up on their families activities.

I truly miss my grandmother. She wrote letters or cards every other month. I think of her often when I go out to get the mail. She always sent the best birthday cards!

I hope to continue bringing this little personal touch to those in my circle. Do you know someone who could benefit from a personal note from you? You probably know at least two or three people.

SCABBLE is a word game.

Who is up for a game of Scrabble?

Besides my family, does anyone play the board game Scrabble? Some of my earliest memories of the game are watching my grandmother, mom, and my aunts play during visits. We played various games of cards, dice and scrabble most competitively. My grandmother won most of the games as she was an avid reader and loved to learn new words form the dictionary.

Now that I am grown, I play with my mom and my sister(they are very competitive). My niece, nephews, my children and older grandchildren play at our family gatherings. Our 6 year old grandson was excited that he knew how to connect words on the board.

Our goal is to learn new words, have fun and to win. Not shy here, we will challenge any unrecognized word.

Our daughter bought a used scrabble game at a thrift store and created a work of art for my mother. She took and glued all the names of the grandchildren and great grandchildren’s names on the board. Then she had a frame made for it. My mother just loved it. Noted- we had to add a few more letters to the board as their are 7 Grandchild and 7 Great Grandchildren.

What are some of your favorite games of childhood? What games do you play with your family and friend today?

Amazing benefits of Frankincense Oil.

I was maybe 8 years old the first time that I heard the word Frankincense. Yes, it was during Christmas. If you have attended one or more Christmas Padgents you to have heard of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold.

I have recently learned more about what Frankincense is. It is made from the resin of the Boswellia Tree grown in Africa and in the Middle East.

Frankincense Oil is most often used topically or in aromatherapy methods. A few benefits of using this oil are:

  • as an anti-inflammatory
  • to help gut function
  • to help with asthma
  • can help fight certain types of cancers

I use Frankincense Oil daily with my vitamin regiment. As always check with your doctor before trying new things and do a little research on your own. There is a lot of useful information today on the use of essential oils.

Growing. Sharing. Encouraging.

I enjoy learning. We are never to old to learn new things, to see beauty in the people and places around us, to go places, try new foods and recipes, to live our lives to the fullest. It does not matter where you are in your life. Be someone who make someone look forward to tomorrow.

I have wanted to learn to speak or at least read Latin. So I ordered ‘Learning the Latin Langauge session1’. I love Essential Oils and found an Aromatheraphy Course on line to teach me more about the healthy benefits of oils. My grandchildren enjoy cookies and crafting, therefore Pinterest is searched routinely for new ideas for the kiddos and I to try. During the week I will make phone calls, send text, hand write notes/letters to friends and family members. Personal visits are not happening a this time with pandemic otherwise I would be traveling the county roads to visit others face to face over coffee. Oh, did I mention that I am a HUGGER! Having major hug withdrawls during this pandemic.

We are not ment to be isolated from life. Learn something new, a new word from the dictionary, pick a city/place on the map and learn about, reread a book the you that you read in high school, try a new recipe and then go share what you have learned with someone.

My grandchildren are always asking me about something. If I know the answer I tell them and if I do not, I tell them that we can learn about it together. I/we have learned so many new things:

  • how to make slim(with glitter)
  • how to build a birdhouse
  • what different animals like to eat

What do you enjoy doing? Where do you go to visit when time allows? Whose day would you brighten by sending a card? Share with me something that you enjoy. To give your time to someone else no matter how small will come back in double blessings. I promise.

Thing that you should know about Peppermint.

Hello Sunshine. When I think of peppermint my thoughts go straight to the holidays: Peppermint candy canes, candies, cookies, teas and candles. I know right!

I learned from my grandmother at a young age that peppermint(candies) could soothe a tummy ache and/or relax your mood. She always kept a candy jar filled with wintermint, spearmint and peppermint hard candies on the coffee table.

Currently I am learning about the many benefits of Essential Oils. One oil at a time. I am taking a Certification in Aromatherapy through the Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies for my own knowledge base and personal use of essential oils.

Peppermint :

The Peppermint plant is a Hybrid mint, a cross plant of watermint and spearmint. It is a a hardy plant and is easy to grow. These plants grow quickly into a peppermint patch and return every Spring.

Bonus: Peppermint plants are known to repel insects such as spiders. I find this a plus around the back porch area.

Fresh mint can be added to teas, deserts and smoothies.

Peppermint oil, 100% pure grade, there are a few companies that I trust with my oils. Doterra Oil Company is one that I use. Do your research. Safety and your well being are priority.

Benefits of this oil: promotes healthy respiratory functions, clear breathing, aids in digestion, helps with bad breathe, helps relieve tension head aches and muscle aches. As you look more closely into peppermint oil you will get a better understanding of what this one little oil can do.