Growing. Sharing. Encouraging.

I enjoy learning. We are never to old to learn new things, to see beauty in the people and places around us, to go places, try new foods and recipes, to live our lives to the fullest. It does not matter where you are in your life. Be someone who make someone look forward to tomorrow.

I have wanted to learn to speak or at least read Latin. So I ordered ‘Learning the Latin Langauge session1’. I love Essential Oils and found an Aromatheraphy Course on line to teach me more about the healthy benefits of oils. My grandchildren enjoy cookies and crafting, therefore Pinterest is searched routinely for new ideas for the kiddos and I to try. During the week I will make phone calls, send text, hand write notes/letters to friends and family members. Personal visits are not happening a this time with pandemic otherwise I would be traveling the county roads to visit others face to face over coffee. Oh, did I mention that I am a HUGGER! Having major hug withdrawls during this pandemic.

We are not ment to be isolated from life. Learn something new, a new word from the dictionary, pick a city/place on the map and learn about, reread a book the you that you read in high school, try a new recipe and then go share what you have learned with someone.

My grandchildren are always asking me about something. If I know the answer I tell them and if I do not, I tell them that we can learn about it together. I/we have learned so many new things:

  • how to make slim(with glitter)
  • how to build a birdhouse
  • what different animals like to eat

What do you enjoy doing? Where do you go to visit when time allows? Whose day would you brighten by sending a card? Share with me something that you enjoy. To give your time to someone else no matter how small will come back in double blessings. I promise.

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