SCABBLE is a word game.

Who is up for a game of Scrabble?

Besides my family, does anyone play the board game Scrabble? Some of my earliest memories of the game are watching my grandmother, mom, and my aunts play during visits. We played various games of cards, dice and scrabble most competitively. My grandmother won most of the games as she was an avid reader and loved to learn new words form the dictionary.

Now that I am grown, I play with my mom and my sister(they are very competitive). My niece, nephews, my children and older grandchildren play at our family gatherings. Our 6 year old grandson was excited that he knew how to connect words on the board.

Our goal is to learn new words, have fun and to win. Not shy here, we will challenge any unrecognized word.

Our daughter bought a used scrabble game at a thrift store and created a work of art for my mother. She took and glued all the names of the grandchildren and great grandchildren’s names on the board. Then she had a frame made for it. My mother just loved it. Noted- we had to add a few more letters to the board as their are 7 Grandchild and 7 Great Grandchildren.

What are some of your favorite games of childhood? What games do you play with your family and friend today?

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