Hello. I am so glad that you could join me!

My name is Charlene Franklin. Welcome to my blog! I have created this blog to bring people together.

I believe in education, communication and family. Families whether big or small, ex, step, half and/or adopted all share things in common.

Together I hope to offer a place to listen(read), discuss topics, to share our thoughts and grow together.

Make Moments

Here are a few topics that I will be touching on: Family(all aspects), Children, Education, Hospice Care, Recipes, Health Articles, Books, anything Uplifting, and much more.

Healthier Life Choices

I love learning about natural health, such as the many uses of herbs and oils. I believe that I can do my part to be safe and healthier.

I am a Nana. We have 7 adult children, 15 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren. I am always telling them that I am living to be 108 years old( 53 more to go). They keep me active and on the go.

Being healthier and making memories is important for me and all my kiddos.

Hospice Care

I have been a Hospice Volunteer for six years now. I have been a CNA of 35+ years private care. I have met some awesome families through out my years of service.

My grandmother always told me that, “God had blessed me with a big heart and broad shoulders to carry whatever he gives me.”

Natural Oils

I am learning about the many unique applications of oils. I have a few favorites. The health benefits of oils are sometimes over whelming.

No, I am not a health guru by no means but we are blessed to so many natural things to use to help maintain us in our busy lives.