Hand Writing, an art form today?

Who still hand writes notes and letters?

Where has the personal touch gone? When was the last time that you hand wrote a note or letter personally? Maybe high school graduation thank you notes?

I will admit that I have been slacking these last few weeks. My usual is 20-25 hand written note and/or letters out monthly. Yes monthly! I still talk and text as well.

During this summer break we agreed to help out with the children. Time went fast and we were busy. As the grandchildren have started back to school this week I have a little more time to get back to letter writing.

Is hand writing an art form? A few schools across the country have chosen not to teach hand writing. This was explained to me that we as a country are moving to a more tech savvy educational system. Thankfully are schools are still teaching hand writing.

It is a joyful blessing when I go to the mailbox and find that someone took time to write me a note or letter asking me how my family is and how I am doing and then catching me up on their families activities.

I truly miss my grandmother. She wrote letters or cards every other month. I think of her often when I go out to get the mail. She always sent the best birthday cards!

I hope to continue bringing this little personal touch to those in my circle. Do you know someone who could benefit from a personal note from you? You probably know at least two or three people.

One thought on “Hand Writing, an art form today?

  1. I’d participated in a pen-pal programme on Reddit before COVID (when the postage flights were still on) and had a blast. I love handwritten stuff, both sending and receiving, especially when they’re written with a fountain pen.

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