Photo Albums: past and present

Hello sunshine, what type of camera do you use? Do you own a real camera? I do. A few different ones. None of our seven children own a camera. They take pictures on their latest phone.

I will admit that the newer cellphones do take great pictures and that they are convenient for talking and traveling. Yes, I do use my phone to take pictures of the grand children(a lot). The question is still ‘do you own a camera?’

I have a few different ones. I did have a 110 film Kodak camera until one of the youngins lost it on a trip. It was my staple camera for years. Why? It fit nicely into my purse.

Mind you this is back when you had to send in by mail or through the local drug store the film roll from the camera. Not knowing what pictures you took. Or if you cut the tops off of your loved ones heads. Yes many families have these pictures in their family albums.

Our family was large. We gathered for every occasion: Holidays, Birthdays, Wedding, the kiddos ball games, Where two or more were gathered we took pictures.

Camping 2020

I am the official picture taker in our bunch. Yes, I always have a camera and a phone ready for any occasion. We as a family go through them often. The grandchildren like to laugh at the way their parents looked when they went to school. Then there is always a call put in to me for photos of loved ones for a remembrance.

To Print or To put onto a Disc/Flash Drive

I print pictures out about every 4 or 5 months. Somewhere around a 100 or so. I use the 10 cents a picture coupon for a 100 or more photos. I it is a great deal!

Do you print pictures or just put them on a disc/flash drive? I do both. All pictures get put onto something each year. It makes for easier retrievals and filing for when asked for copies.

I suggest that you put your pictures onto something tangible. Once lost they are gone. Example: My children wine that I am old fashion(maybe) about saving moments in time. My daughter would always tell me ‘Mom they are on my phone’. After every grand youngin event I would say, ‘ Did you print them or at least copy them on to something’. Again it would be with the ‘they are on my phone!’ About three months ago I get a frantic call, ‘Mom my phone is broke. They can not access my phone to get to the photos!’ Mind you that she had 12, yes, 12 years of photos on her phone. Wedding, birth, football, baseball, gymnastics, dance, cheer, holidays, and things in between. The ‘I told you so’ was not the right come back at this time. Luckily two days later our eight year old granddaughter was playing house with it and it came on. I instructed my daughter to go straight to the photo lab and transfer ALL the pictures to a flash drive. She did and 12 years worth at $48 later her family history has been returned. Side note: the phone went off that day and has not ever came back on.

Photo Album or Digital Album

I personally prefer hand held photo albums. I am old fashion remember. But on special occasions I will put in a disc or flash drive and let it run during a family gathering. Yes this is always an entertaining look into the past and a great conversation starter…

What is your take on Cameras and Photo options? Do you have photos on your phone? I strongly suggest that you do something with them. They are moments in YOUR history.

One thought on “Photo Albums: past and present

  1. Yes, photos (and anything else on a phone or computer that is worth keeping at all) should be backed up, to another device and/or cloud storage. Glad U seized the chance to recover photos when the phone revived for a little while.


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