My Valentine

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Hello my lovely valentines! Here it is Febuary already. Are you ready to share yourself, time, energy and money to show those extra special people that you care for them?

My grandchildren are having Valentine Parties at their schools. They have made special things for their teachers and parents. I know that they look forward to the festivities at school like snacks, games and cookies.

I remember those days of long ago. We would start the week or so before Valentine’s Day by bringing a shoebox to school. Spend an afternoon or two decorating the box with tissue paper, tape and lots of stickers. Take another day to make a special heart valentine for our moms using a lot of Elmers Glue and red glitter. (Oh my, the poor janitors always had such mess on those activity days.)

Do you have a special school Valentine’s Day memory? Did you keep the special ones? I have a few tucked back in my special box. Have you shared these childhood Valentine memories with your children or grandchildren? Think back. Who comes to mind? Are you smiling?

Life is to short not to remember and not to share those fond memories. Do not for get to make new ones.

Hugs and Happy Valentine’s my sunshines!

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