My Valentine

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Hello my lovely valentines! Here it is Febuary already. Are you ready to share yourself, time, energy and money to show those extra special people that you care for them?

My grandchildren are having Valentine Parties at their schools. They have made special things for their teachers and parents. I know that they look forward to the festivities at school like snacks, games and cookies.

I remember those days of long ago. We would start the week or so before Valentine’s Day by bringing a shoebox to school. Spend an afternoon or two decorating the box with tissue paper, tape and lots of stickers. Take another day to make a special heart valentine for our moms using a lot of Elmers Glue and red glitter. (Oh my, the poor janitors always had such mess on those activity days.)

Do you have a special school Valentine’s Day memory? Did you keep the special ones? I have a few tucked back in my special box. Have you shared these childhood Valentine memories with your children or grandchildren? Think back. Who comes to mind? Are you smiling?

Life is to short not to remember and not to share those fond memories. Do not for get to make new ones.

Hugs and Happy Valentine’s my sunshines!

Life During a Remodel

Hello Sunshine, Oh my goodness living in the middle of a remodel! Before you ask, it is a have to job. We put it off as long as possible.

Our house started being built back around 1890’s. Room by room over the years it has grown. We have had the rest of the house completely remolded and added onto the backside.

We are looking at about two more months until all the work is completed. If you have remodeled or even added on… Oh my goodness. Some days it seems that it is taking forever and other days I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The plan is to have everything finished by the time school starts in the fall. I believe the worst part of the remodel is the sanding of the drywall. It does not matter how much you prepare the dust is everywhere. the white powder is throughout the entire house.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The drywall dust is the main reason I did not push the project before but there comes a time when I had to put my Big girl panties on. Yes I will enjoy all the new space that we are creating.

The stairs are supposed to go in this week. i have looked at so many color charts for paint. I pick out set of colors for each room and my other half says, “really”. I will have the final say in the room colors.

We have narrowed the floor covering choices. NO carpet. The question is do we lay it down or do we pay a professional to do it right? I vote professional.

During a remodel or an add on a family either grows together or completely falls apart. We have come through stronger but are tested with each new task.

Have you added onto or been through a remodel? What task did you find more trying?

Virus vs You

Today we are held somewhat captive by Covid-19. We seem to have a few different mindsets here in the US. The OMG do not touch me and shut everything down group; the OK I will ride it out group and see what happens group and the ‘WHAT’ you can’t make me stay at home, I’ll do whatever I want group. Yes, there are variations to these groups of people.

I am not sure what group or what reasoning you are using but we will all go through this together and hopefully come out wiser and more grounded. Amazing how our own lives can change in a day or a week.

I am not going to bore you or scold you. I do not walk in your shoes. I have seen life through each and every disasters(hurricane, tornado, floods, blizzards) that we are a strong people. Love, patience and respect are main ingredients to making it through each event.

I am concerned about those who are homeless, living in domestic violence, elderly who maybe confined to there homes and the unemployed during these virus lockdowns. We slowly growing into a anti-socializing country. Do not get me wrong, there are millions of people who sacrifice hours and hours helping others.

There is a lot of negativity out in the world, more so in these times of covid-19 days/weeks. Fear seems to take over our thought processes. We get into the ME FIRST mode as well. Times of distress will test your character. In your mirror what does your character look like?

As I watch and/or listen to the NEWS I find conflicting reports. reports from Covid-19 is %100 contagious and deadly to ‘oh’ it is not much worst than catching any other type of Flu. in these times of television and internet access, how does one determine the Who, How, When and If factors of this flu?

I do not currently have any family with the virus. I do know people who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. The virus does not seem to discriminate by age, gender, race or region. The one thing that have noticed in these past weeks is that FEAR is charging on: sickness, death, job loss, and the government implementing changes into everything. I do not live in the fear category but I do exercise on the side of caution. My family and friends are dear to me and I try to do my part in staying healthy and safe.