Good morning! Cup in hand and thoughts are up and running on this chilly, damp May morning. I have few different projects going.

I have be thinking about my mom. Yes, she is well and busy on these spring days. As we have just celebrated Mother’s Day, I would like to reflect a little. I understand that ALL mother relationships are different. With that being said, I would like to tell you a little about my mom.

She just celebrated another birthday(70+) this month. Quarantining has been hard on her. My step dad has been able to work throughout the quarantine shut downs. My mom is a very social person. She is now retired and busier than ever, as she is bowls weekly on her bowling league, a member of the of the ladies auxiliary in her church, a member of the Senior Center in her town, she keeps up with her gardening and fruit trees, she cans her produce, always sewing, bakes goods for everyone and many organizations, visits her younger sister who has Alzheimer’s twice a week, makes her weekly rounds to visit and check on friends and family. When someone ask me about my mom I tell them “She runs circles around me before I even know what I am doing for the day”.

My mom is one of 11 children (third from the oldest). They are a close bunch. Her siblings have always told her that she is different, being that she thinks different, acts different, that she is to trusting, a little naive or gullible. No disrespect to my grandparents but I asked her once if she belonged to the milkman. HAHA!

Let me state one thing right here. No, mom and I do not always agree on or see things in the same light. We have different views on so many things. We do not argue, yell or get loud with each other even in passionate conversations. Excited maybe. We are at a time in our lives where we talk daily and more when time allots it.

My mom is a constant moral compass! She is loving, giving and compassionate, does not lie, does what she says, works hard and lives as an example of this daily. I am so blessed to have her guidance.

Taking a moment!

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