Smile and go forward

On this Sunday morning I am blessed to be able to relax on the back porch with a cup of hot coffee. During this country wide shutdown I have, as well as others, been able to enjoy church services on the porch. I do hope that they will continue to stream services even after opening the doors.

I do not know about you but when I am at church I have full intentions of paying close attention to the sermon. Though it seems that something will distract me just in that pivotal moment of hearing what was meant for me. I am blessed however with todays technology to be able listen and/or watch the service again. I have noticed that the second time around the words seem clearer than before.

We must stay strong in our faith. Satan will and is using these times to separate us, to isolate us and to pit us against one another. Together in faith we are one! Please understand that we are called to love and to lead one another. There is that saying “No one left behind” is so important in these crazy times.

Do you know someone alone, lost, down on his job, family issues? We are to come along side of them, in their situation, in their time of need. We are to comfort them where they are in “their life”, to walk beside them, to lift them up and to pray for them. We were not born on this earth to live solitary lives.

We are able to pray for, to be with, to listen, to share and to even HUG people where they are in life. People have been brought into our lives, that is yours and mine just for a moment in time. Do not waist these moments on would have, could have, should have but didn’t thoughts.

Be the one who smiles first. Be the one who listens. Be the one to shine God’s light in a darkened world.

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