The Fall Season is a busy time of reflecting on the current year!

Reflection is always a good way to sort out what is relevant to our present day.

Hello Sunshine. I currently live in a rural area of Indiana. I grew up just south of here about fifteen or so miles. This time of year is about getting the crops in from the fields and canning all the wonderful things grown in the garden and out of the orchard.

I admit that I do not preserve foods these days. I used to freeze our fruits and vegetables many years ago. Our children are all adults and have their own gardens. Some of them do preserve stuff. Yes, my mother stills cans a little bit. She is awesome and I enjoy everything she shares with me.

Fall activities are in full swing around here. Pumpkins are in all the Fall decorations. Field trips to the pumpkin patches and and apple orchards. Preparations for Halloween coming up around the corner. Fall flowers are in full bloom. Sports are starting to wind down. It seems like every other day my husband raking and blowing leaves to be mulched by the mower. It gives him something to and helps to keeps him busy.

As the leaves start to come down and the weather begins to get a little, or a lot colder, I begin to anticipate Thanksgiving with the family. Yes and Christmas. Side note, I LOVE the CHRISTMAS SEASON! I asked my husband if I could put the Christmas tree up, mind you it was October 1 when I asked him. He said NO, but he tells me know every year. Some day I will talk him into October or maybe even July!

As the temperatures have dropped into the 30’s it is time to switch out the summer wear for winter wear. This year I took an initiative to clean out my closet(all closets). I was truly amazed at what I had in the closets. I routinely clean out my closets about every three years or so. It was time. I also managed to sort through a dresser that I keep extra clothes for the grand youngins. All together I filled 4 bags with clothes to take to the shelter.

On my way to drop off these items to the shelter I mentally made a note to self; as to how blessed I am in these days of loss and confusion. We do not have the best of everything but then stuff is not my thing. My thing is my family, kiddos, our grand youngins and close friends which I am truly blessed and grateful for. Years come and go. Our family is ever growing.

Reflecting on this year we have been placed in lock down, county to county. We have had family and friends diagnosed with cancer. The Corona Virus of 2019 is still running through out the world. We have had babies born and people pass. I cherish my time with our family and true friends. We pass through this life but once and we leave footprints upon all those we meet.

I read a book by Matthew Kelly, where he writes about being the best version of yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are or were you come from aspire to be the BEST version of yourself. If you fall short, as we all do, start the next day with the Best version of yourself. Remember life is really to short.

As we go into this Fall season go with an open heart and a opened mind. Who will you be grateful for? What makes you grateful? Take time to reflect on the important things in your life. Be the BEST version of yourself!

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